Tensioners & Idler pulleys

PIX has always been the innovators and pioneers in the mechanical power transmission and the related products. Innovations, up-gradation and providing value-added products has always been the passion with PIX. To fulfil its commitment of providing a complete “Power Transmission Solution” to its users, the company has also added PIX-PowerWare® Tensioners & Idler Pulleys.

Pix Tensioners & Idler pulleys are made as per OEM specifications. The Tensioners ensure proper belt tension, alignment and damping for best performance. Vibration damping system increases life of Tensioner, Belt & other accessory components. Torsional round spring design provides consistent tension. The Idler Pulleys carry accurate dimension for proper clearances and belt alignment. High-strength alloy or composite pulley construction withstands brutal engine heat and vibration. Durable surface coating resists corrosion (metal models). We use best bearings too.

Bearing Idler (Plastic Pulley) - 65 x 25 MM APP 065-025
Bearing Idler (Plastic Pulley) - 70 x 25 MM APP 070-025
Bearing Idler (Plastic Pulley) - 65 x 30 MM APP 065-030
Tensioner Bearing – Cummins 6BT ABT-1422
Tensioner Bearing - Swift / Maxximo ABT-1323-N
Tensioner Bearing - Dost (Old) / Eicher ABT-1095-O
Tensioner Bearing - Dost (New - Aug 2016 Onwards) ABT-1095-N
Tensioner Bearing - JCB ABT-1835-N
Grooved Pulley - JCB ABI-1835
Tensioner Bearing - Quadrajet (Vista/Manza/Zest/Bolt/Linea/Punto) ABT-1680
Grooved Pulley (4PK) – Maruti K-Series ABI-780
Timing Tensioner – Tata Ace / Indica / Indigo ABT-136-25
Timing Idler – Tata Ace / Indica / Indigo ABI-136-25
Tensioner - Scorpio / Xylo / Quanto / TUV 300 ABT-1170
Tensioner - Scorpio ABT-1171